A research team of the LT2C lab
Satin joined on jan 1, 2015 the LaHC lab, integrating the Connected Intelligence research group.
Telecom Saint Etienne, Université Jean Monnet, France
Associated to Institut Mines Telecom


Jacques Fayolle, Professor
Christophe Gravier, Assoc. Prof.
Frederique Laforest, Professor
Kamal Singh, Associate Professor
Julien Subercaze, Researcher
Antoine Boutet, postDoc
Abderrahmen Kammoun, engineer
Ahmed Ben Ayed, engineer

Jules Chevalier, PhD student
Merieme Ghenname, PhD student
Syed Gillani, PhD student


frederique.laforest (at)


Research interests of the team encompass the following topics :

  • Context-awareness and adaptation
  • Social networks and Recommendation
  • Semantic Web and Reasoning
  • Information extraction on the Web
  • Algorithm design
  • Architecture of distributed information systems
  • Cloud computing