A research team of the LT2C lab
Satin joined on jan 1, 2015 the LaHC lab, integrating the Connected Intelligence research group.
Telecom Saint Etienne, Université Jean Monnet, France
Associated to Institut Mines Telecom


This project is financed by the French ANR CONTINT2013 program.
The objective of this project is to help the Collaborative Creation of Contents and Publishing using Opportunistic networks to support the emergence of Ephemeral and Spontaneous Social Networks. It aims at proposing a set of scientific and software innovative solutions for the provision of services with intermittent connectivity, the definition of an infrastructure fo the collaborative management of services in the context of Ephemeral and Spontaneous Social Networks, and an analysis of the value adapted to this context. see the official C3PO web site.
Partners are Telecom Saint Etienne Satin (coordinator), DICE INRIA/CITI lab at INSA Lyon, Casa Team of the IRISA lab, EMN LEMNA, ChronoCourse.

Fire 2013-16

This projet is financed by the French Investissement d'Avenir Program.
Its objective is to provide an open framework for the distribution of electronic contents, so as to break the current proprietary and vertical integration (contents, software and hardware) of the market. This solution will combine (i) low price tablets, (ii) a series of cloud services for the actors of media distribution an (iii) a unified library of content for the end users.
Partners are a Tablets constructor (Archos, coordinator), books and press actors, cloud platforms actors, independent online content providers.

GreenFeed 2013-15

This project is financed by the French FUI15 program.
Its objective is to organize the electric charge of mobile drivers vehicules at the national level. We are in charge of the setting up of the cloud architecture required for the communication between all stakeholders.
Partners are Benomad (coordinator), eRDF, EDF, IMT, Vulog, ENSMSE-Gardanne, GridPocket, Kerlink, Saintronic, Telecom Saint Etienne SATIN.
OpenCloudware is funded by the French Fonds national pour la Société Numérique (FSN), where it was accepted in the Cloud n°1 call under the name "CloudForce", and is supported by Pôles Minalogic, Systematic and SCS.
The OpenCloudware project aims at building an open software engineering platform, for the collaborative development of distributed applications to be deployed on multiple Cloud infrastructures. see the official OpenCloudWare web site.
Partners are ActiveEon, Armines, Bull, eNovance, eXo Platform, France Telecom (coordinator), Inria, IRIT – INP Toulouse, Linagora, OW2, Peergreen, Télécom Paris Tech, Télécom Saint Etienne, Thales Communications, Thales Services, Université Joseph Fourier, Université de Savoie – LISTIC, UShareSoft.

UNUOC 2012-14

This project is financed by the Saint Etienne Metropole city.
The objective of the project is to study in a multidisciplinary team the impact of the use and non-use of connected objects, in particular for maintaining the elderly at home. See the official UNUOC web site
Partners are ENSMSE-Institut Henri Fayol-ISCOD (coordinator), LaHC Lab, research Lab. of the Cité du Design, CHU Saint Etienne-service de gérontologie de la Charité, Telecom Saint Etienne Satin.

ARC6-LoD 2013-14

This work is financed by the Region Rhône-Alpes through the ARC6 research program.
Its objective is to create and animate a regional community on Linked Data and Open Data.
Partners are research labs of the Region interested in this subject. The coordinator is ISCOD team of Institut Henry Fayol at ENSM-SE (Antoine Zimmermann).

ARC6-ISSN 2013-14

This work is financed by the Region Rhône-Alpes through the ARC6 research program.
Its objectives are to gather the regional teams working in Innovative Services for Social Networks, to share expertise, and work on the setting up of a collaborative project and a survey on the subject.
Partners are Telecom Saint Etienne Satin (coordinator), the DICE team of the INRIA/CITI lab, the DATABASE Team of the LIRIS lab.

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